Exercise "SABER 2023" for Rangers

(To Army Majority State)

The "SABER 2023" exercise, organized and conducted by the 4th Alpine Parachute Regiment, has ended Cleaning.

The event, aimed at conducting operations in a mountainous, snowy and low temperature environment, saw the participation of rotary wing assets of the 3rd helicopter regiment for special operations "Aldebaran" (REOS), of the 5th helicopter regiment "Rigel" and of US Special Forces detachments.

Units from the 7th "Belluno" Alpine Regiment, the 11th Bersaglieri Regiment, the 7th Transmission Regiment and the 5th Land Artillery Regiment were also integrated into the complex exercise, as well as specialized assets of the tactical information brigade (BIT), in particular by the 41st IMINT "Cordenons" regiment and the 33rd EW "Electronic Warfare" regiment. The 3rd wing of the Italian Air Force also took an active part in the training activity.​