Knight's Move tutorial at Multinational Land Force

(To Greater Defense)

The final move of the yellow team concluded the last round of the Map Exercise Knight's Move.  

For three days, three teams made up of students from the universities of Budapest, Ljubljana and Trieste together with Austrian, Italian, Slovenian and Hungarian officers faced each other in a very tight wargame organized by the Alpine Brigade Command "JULIA" - Multinational Land Force (MLF) in Udine.

The teams emulated factions, communities, minorities, authorities, local and international security forces, civilian agencies and the media present in a fictitious crisis area.

The tutorial game, led by a challenge board made up of MLF officers and professors from the University of Budapest, saw the teams react against the actions of their opponents during the various round.

The exercise represented the final phase of a pilot project that sees the MLF and the partner universities collaborate in the analysis of the operating environment for practical and operational purposes.

To support the conduct of the exercise, a pool of student-researchers from the three universities, under the supervision of the MLF and their respective professors, developed the countrybook used for the creation of various accidents round.

The exercise represented a further opportunity for a deep and structured comparison between the staff of the MLF and the students of the universities of Ljubljana, Budapest and Trieste as part of an already consolidated collaboration that will allow to conduct new training and training activities in favor of of the multinational force.