Albania earthquake emergency: the Italian Armed Forces in support of the Albanian population

(To Greater Defense)

Following the strong earthquake that occurred this night in Durres, the Defense, responding to the demands of the presidency of the Council of Ministers, immediately made available the assets of the Armed Forces: n.12 rotated structures for transporting people with about 25 units and a CH-47 Army helicopter, a C-130 aircraft, a P180 aircraft and a UH139 helicopter of the Air Force for the transport in Albania of assets of the Civil Protection and of the Fire Brigade. The Navy has also set up a naval unit and a helicopter to be used to support the activities.

The Armed Forces with their specificities are able to operate promptly at national and international level, in synergy with the other Dicasteries and Organizations of the "Country System", in the case of public disasters and in cases of extraordinary necessity and urgency in favor of the population .