Defense: 46th Air Brigade and Folgore Brigade in training

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days, the 46th Air Brigade of the Italian Air Force and the brigade thunderbolt of the Italian Army have carried out a particular joint air-launch training activity at the Polygon of Monte Romano, in the province of Viterbo.

For the first time, from a single C-130J aircraft, the mixed launch of materials and paratroopers with bridle rope was carried out at the same time, through a so-called system heavy, which allows low-altitude air-drop of material with an extractor parachute for materials weighing more than 1000 kg, and the use of “Type V” platforms to accurately reach the expected point of impact.

Specifically, two material platforms were launched at the same time - whose extraction took place automatically in sequence by binding the parachute of the second platform to the first - and then subsequently directed to the personnel launch point.

The 46th Air Brigade of Pisa is a transport department of the Air Force that depends on the air team command through the command forces for mobility and support. With its own fleet of C-130J and C-27J aircraft, it is engaged daily in the service of the country, in every part of the world, in multiple institute activities. These include, in fact, air-boarding and air-launching of personnel and material, transport of materials, vehicles and equipment, support for the Civil Protection and other Departments.

Among the tasks of the department, there is that of helping the population in case of disaster or extraordinary need and urgency, in all conditions of weather and light, to provide the required help which, often, is decisive for saving human lives. A concrete example of this mission is represented by the emergency medical transport of people in imminent danger of life or in bio-containment isolation mode.