Conference on the defense commitment on “WOMEN, PEACE AND SECURITY

(To Greater Defense)

At Interoperable Summit Operations Command the conference took place "The commitment of the Italian Defense to the "Women, Peace and Security" agenda.

The event, wanted by the Undersecretary of Defence, Senator Isabella Rauti saw speeches by the Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, by the commander of the COVI, Army Corps General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and by the special representative of the Secretary NATO General for "Women, Peace and Security", Dr. Irene Fellin.

Undersecretary Rauti declared: "Today's conference focuses on the commitment, in operational theaters, of our women in uniform who are dedicated to civil and military cooperation projects in support of the population, especially the female population".

Furthermore “From 2000 to today, the female component in uniform has strengthened – added Senator Rauti – and from the beginning she was admitted to all categories and roles. The regulatory process of equality within the Ministry of Defense has been completed while the aspects dedicated to integration require longer times and the overcoming of logistical or operational aspects and criticalities".

The Chief of the Defense Staff stated in his speech that: "The Italian Defense has embraced the women, peace and security agenda proposed by the United Nations, in enhancing the gender perspective and the role of female personnel within an integrated multi-domain and technologically advanced military tool, which knows how to keep up with new domains of warfare, such as cyberspace and the cognitive environment".

Admiral Cavo Dragone continued: "Different genders express different opinions and suggest different strategies and conclusions, an enrichment in the definition of creative solutions, therefore it will be increasingly required to appeal to all the energies of our women, combined with that of men to build complex responses".

An applause to the "women with stars" finally came from General Figliuolo: “Female military personnel provide a fundamental contribution to our missions and operations which are 42 in 25 countries. There are 400 women involved and they reflect the enrollment percentage. Women and men have been able to team up. For over 20 years, with the law 380 which allowed the enlistment, this integration today for the Defense is normal and this is a victory".

Connected in live video, some of the military contingents deployed abroad: the Italian "blue helmets" of UNIFIL in Lebanon, the European mission EUTM Somalia, the KFOR operation in Kosovo, the Air Task Force deployed in Kuwait, the NATO mission in Iraq, the Italian military base in Djibouti, by Nave Bergamini, sailing in the Gulf of Aden for EUNAVFOR – operation Atalanta and the mission of Maritime Frontier Unit of the Guardia di Finanza in Durres.