The non combatant evacuation exercise has ended

(To Greater Defense)

The Defense activity that has just ended in Sardinia, in the locality of Capo San Lorenzo, is called "Lampo 23", which involved theItalian Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ), high operational readiness command at the disposal of the COVI, in a simulation of the evacuation of compatriots from a crisis area.

La Lightning 23 it is a related exercise Joint Stars 2023 - launched last May 8 - planned and directed by operational command of interforce forces (COVI).

La non-combatant evacuation operation carried out close to the Sardinian coast, it was conceived to increase the ability to plan and conduct, in a short time, an operation to recover compatriots who are in a state of danger in foreign territory.

The conduct of the exercise

A portion of personnel was embarked on board the amphibious ship "San Giusto" of the Navy, used as an "advanced operating base". Landing craft with soldiers from the "Serenissima" lagoon regiment of the Italian Army and the "San Marco" marine brigade on board then reached the coast.

On land they recovered the compatriots and took them from the evacuation point to the naval unit, to undergo checks and health screening. Ship "San Giusto" then set course for the port of Cagliari where the compatriots were embarked on an Air Force C-130 bound for Rome.

"It will not get lost like this type of exercise", indicated Brigadier General Giuseppe Faraglia, commander of theItalian Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) , "are important by virtue of what has actually been accomplished recently for the evacuation of civilian personnel from Sudan."

La Lightning 23, within the scenario of Joint Stars 23, it was an opportunity to jointly train personnel from the COVI, the Italian Army, the Navy and the Air Force, sharing resources, maximizing interoperability and synergies between the Defense assets, refining the intervention capabilities of the Armed Forces with an increasingly marked joint imprint.