Concluded the "LAMPO 21"

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The defense activity concluded today in Piacenza is called "LAMPO '21" and which involved various structures of the Armed Forces in an exercise to evacuate compatriots from an area considered to be a crisis.

The activity, planned and coordinated byItalian Joint Force Headquarters (ITA-JFHQ) of Interoperable Summit Operations Command (COVI) lasted two weeks (with an initial planning phase and a subsequent execution phase) and took place between Lazio and Emilia Romagna.

This is a national joint force exercise of type Command Post Exercise / Live Exercise (CPX-LIVEX), designed to train the commands and forces in the field on a specific type of mission that could be the subject of future national, multinational or coalition operations.

It had the purpose of consolidating and increasing the capacity of the ITA JFHQ, a joint command unit that can be projected into operations abroad in response to crises, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

The exercise event also made it possible to test the ability of the ITA-JFHQ in relation to the application of the standards for the planning and conduct of a complex operation and the issuing of the related operational documentation.

Among the assets that took part in the exercise, a company of the "Serenissima" lagoon regiment, an amphibious unit of the Army framed in the command of Northern operational forces, a platoon of engineers of the 2nd bridges regiment of Piacenza, a department under the command of the operational support forces, which also provided the logistics in the training areas, OCT (Observer Coach Training) personnel of the simulation and validation center of the Army and TUAV (Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) assets of the 41st IMINT “Cordenons” regiment of Sora.

Aircraft of the 46th Air Brigade of Pisa, of the Italian Air Force, took off from Pratica di Mare and Fiumicino to reach the airport grounds of Ghedi and Montichiari under the coordination of Joint Movement Coordination Center of COVI.

On the ground also men and women of the Navy, of the Carabinieri, the latter coming from the 7th "Trentino Alto-Adige" regiment of Bolzano, and health facilities provided by theItalian Knights Association Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The entire operation involved the preparation and placing in the crisis area of ​​a Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Team / Forward Command Element (LTRO / FCE) which represents the first form of contact with the various actors present in theOperations Area (AoR).

Subsequently, a Evacuation Control Center (CCE) which coordinated the land and air assets used, and a command post for the command and control of the entire Non-Combat Evacuation Operation (NEO).