Training activity on arms control concluded at the 31st Fighter Wing in Aviano

(To Greater Defense)

In the context of bilateral cooperation relating to the Conventional Arms Control (CAC) with the United States of America, the training activity called Conventional Forces Europe (CFE) Mock Inspection in favor of 31st Fighter Wing (FW) located in the Aviano (PN) base.

The event had the dual purpose of training both the Italian team of theArms Control and Verification and Counterproliferation Office of the Defense Staff (UCVAC), in the conduct of active inspections, both the US escort personnel under the homologation Defense Threat Reduction Agency - Europe (DTRA-E).

The training activity has strengthened the already effective collaboration with the allied country in the specific sector.

On the sidelines of the event, the head of the CVAC office, CV Mario Mattesi, present as an observer, held aoffice-call with the commander of the Aviano airport command, col. (AM) Luca Crovatti and with the commander of 31st FW USAF, gen. b. Jason E. Bailey.

Inspections under the treaty Conventional Forces Europe together with the inspections under the Vienna Document 2011 represent the pillars of Conventional Arms Control in the Euro-Asian continent.