Operational Command of the Joint Forces Summit: visit of the French general Stéfane Mille

(To COI)

It took place today, October 15, in Rome at the headquarters of Interoperable Summit Operations Command the visit of Corps General Stéfane Mille, deputy chief for the operations of the French armed forces, to Corps General Luciano Portolano, commander of the IOC.

The visit was an opportunity for the French high-ranking officer to get to know the Command structure in which some French soldiers also operate, as part of the headquarters of the European operation EUNAVFORMED Irini.

During the visit to General Mille a briefing aimed at illustrating a general picture of the structure, tasks and responsibilities assigned within the organization of the Italian Defense and a picture of the various international operational theaters where the Italian military are currently engaged.

The senior French officer, on the sidelines of the presentation, wanted to focus on the international operational theaters where our soldiers are operating together with their French colleagues. In particular, the two generals had an exchange of views and an informative discussion regarding the activities of our military in the Balkan area, in that of sub-Saharan Africa of the Sahel, in North Africa, in the Mediterranean, in Lebanon and in the Horn of Africa.

 “I thank you for this opportunity offered me with the visit of the heart of the Italian Military Operations Command. I hope that these opportunities for comparison will be strengthened, because they help to understand each other better and build a common vision for future challenges " this is what General Mille expressed in greeting his guest.