CIMIC: ADIN20 exercise concluded

(To Greater Defense)

From 06 to 10 July, at the "Mario Fiore" Barracks, headquarters of the department and within the "La Comina" training area of ​​Pordenone, the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) was engaged in the conduct of the joint and multinational called “Adaptive interaction 2020” (ADIN20).

The objective of the exercise was to self-assess the staff belonging to the staff of the MNCG HQ and the Italian CIMIC Unit as well as to prepare the CIMIC operators for the subsequent NATO Steadfast Jupiter Jackal exercise (STJUJA20) and for the certification of the assets participating in the NATO Response Force (NRF) 2021.

Through the computerized simulation (Command Post Exercise - CPX) a scenario was reproduced, complex and adhering to modern operational contexts, centered on a crisis situation between fictitious states, for which the intervention of the Atlantic Alliance was requested.

Within the package of forces prepared by NATO in response to the crisis, the Multinational CIMIC Group has found itself operating, in close adherence with the civil fabric, responding to the growing challenges of the symmetrical and hybrid threat. In addition to the computer simulation, the exercise included training of men on the ground (LIVEX) in response to the activations received by the Headquarters.

The operators of the Italian CIMIC Unit were thus able to interact, through role plays, with the civil counterpart represented by actors in the role of officials of the Governmental, Non-Governmental and International Organizations with whom they implemented the negotiation and communication techniques learned in permanent courses, in order to establish a fruitful collaboration relationship for the realization of Quick Impact Project (QIP).

During the exercise, Brigadier General Luigi Postiglione, commander of the Genio brigade, visited the men and women of the Multinational CIMIC Group. In his speech, General Postiglione stressed the importance of having to be continuously trained and ready for the modern scenarios in which the Atlantic Alliance is constantly intervening, thanking the CIMIC operators for what has been done in recent years in Kosovo, Lebanon, Somalia , Djibouti, Afghanistan and also within the European mission EUNAVFORMED.

During the exercise, in addition to the aforementioned activities, the concept of Remote CIMIC Support was refined, ie the ability to support the CIMIC units, used in military operations, from the Motherland.

This support, "played" remotely from Slovenia, is realized through the advice that the Subject Matter Experts - Functional Specialists such as engineers, architects, doctors and other professionals in the sector - provide CIMIC operators employed in crisis areas, for the development projects in favor of the populations where the units are employed.

During ADIN20, the complex computer communications system that allows the interaction of the numerous components of the exercise, was provided by a team of operators of the 7th Army transmission regiment, based in Sacile (PN).

The exercise, planned to host specialists, experts and mentors from various NATO countries and international commands, has been remodeled due to the restrictions due to the containment of the spread of CoViD-19, while maintaining, however, the high standards required by the Atlantic Alliance , testifying to the promptness and flexibility of MNCG HQ procedures.

The Multinational CIMIC Group, which includes among the contributing nations, in addition to Italy, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary, nowadays represents a real pole of excellence for the training of operators working in the delicate sector of civil-military cooperation. To date, about 2000 Italian and foreigners, civil and military, have passed through the benches of the "Mario Fiore" barracks, testifying to a top level educational offer, responding to the needs of those who have to face the changing challenges of today operational scenarios.