CASD: 25th upper course of joint staff began

(To Greater Defense)

They started on 19 September in the Center for High Defense Studies (CASD) training activities involving 159 students from the university world, the Italian Armed Forces and friendly nations for the achievement of the ISSMI title associated with the 2nd level Master in International Strategic-Military Studies.

The training program of the Course - lasting 182 actual days - is developed in 4 Didactic Modules which are divided into the macro areas of Strategic Sciences, Digital Dimension, Technology and Cyber ​​Security, Organizational Development and Innovation, Legal Studies for Innovation.

The didactic-training objectives will be achieved by carrying out experiential activities - peculiar to the CASD - which aim to consolidate and transpose strong managerial knowledge and skills into the professional sphere, together with lessons by the classroom / remote teaching (in synchronous mode / asynchronous) integrated by a rhythmic activity of group work, exercises and individual study.

Particular attention is also paid to continuous training (long life learning) through the module Core soft skills which aims to strengthen basic transversal skills to support managerial leadership appropriate to future employment. The topics on change management and digital innovation guarantee the tools of information knowledge and management skills.

The 6 graduates of the University of Turin together with 153 soldiers from 26 different countries including Italy, will compose twelve working groups that will enrich their knowledge through a program that also offers a modern range of training proposals, i.e. thematic conferences and modules focused on innovation in the world of training and learning processes.

For several decades, the CASD has been a national reference point in leadership training for senior management. Its training offer is therefore aimed at executives from the military and civilian world, representatives of the institutional landscape, parliamentarians in office, leading exponents of the industrial world, as well as numerous officers of the Armed Forces of friendly and allied countries (in the last academic year they were 45 countries represented).

The recent connotation of the CASD as a university-level institution and the consequent provision of research doctorates have consolidated the Centre's position of excellence, with particular reference to transversal skills, so necessary in a complex and rapidly changing world.

In this context, the CASD has strengthened its collaboration with the civil world, placing its own particular expertise and experience at the disposal of the country system. In fact, specific and unprecedented training sessions have recently been carried out in favor of undergraduate students of the main national universities, in order to develop transversal skills such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence and strategic thinking, skills necessary for future leaders and managers to anticipate and govern the change and the complexity of today's world.