Change of Deputy Commander of Strategic Command Transformation (SACT)

(To Greater Defense)

On July 7, at the NATO Strategic Allied Command for Transformation (SACT) in Norfolk, the Army Corps General Paolo Ruggiero relinquished the post of Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (DSACT) to German Air Force General Christian Badia.

The ceremony was presided over by Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General of the French Air Force, Philippe Lavigne, saw the participation of numerous national civil and military authorities, NATO and the United States.

In particular, the Honorable Elaine Luria, representative of Virginia to the US Congress, the Mayor of Norfolk, the Honorable Kenneth Alexander and the Commander of the US Second Fleet and Commander of the Joint Force Command Norfolk, Vice Admiral Daniel Dwyer.

In his speech, gen. Lavigne warmly greeted gen. ca Ruggiero, citing the numerous and relevant objectives achieved during the three-year mandate at the ACT command in Norfolk, underlining, in particular, those relating to cooperation with NATO accredited centers of excellence, partnership and lessons learned.

The gen. ca Ruggiero, in his address of greeting to the authorities, highlighted the importance of ACT as a true driving force for the continuous transformation of the military forces of the Alliance, through the development of future operational capabilities and related doctrines of employment, precisely in a increasingly complex and rapidly evolving global security landscape.

The prestigious assignment carried out by gen. ca Ruggiero in the last three years, is the demonstration of the leading role played by Italy within the Alliance, through the contribution of its soldiers employed in its command structures and in the diversified operational scenarios.