Forest Fire 2020: new interventions by the Armed Forces

(To Greater Defense)

On 25 July, the helicopters of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force intervened, as part of the activity Wood fire extinguisher, to put out three fires in three different localities of the national territory.

Specifically, the interventions were carried out with a HH-412A helicopter of the 3rd REOS "Aldebaran" of the Army, promptly taken off from Viterbo due to a fire in the Municipality of Cerveteri (RM); in just over two hours of flight they were 10 launches performed and 7.000 liters of water released.

An MH-212B helicopter of the Italian Navy took off from the helicopter station of the Navy (Maristaeli) of Catania Fontanarossa to extinguish a fire that broke out in Grammichele (CT). The helicopter, which intervened with maximum speed, operated 2 missions for more than 4 hours of flight, throwing 17.500 liters of water which allowed to extinguish the fire.

An HH-139A helicopter from the 82nd CSAR Center of the Italian Air Force intervened to put out a fire that broke out near Serra di Biondo (AG): over 40.000 liters of water were launched, for a total of 7 hours of flight. The next day the same aircraft took off from Trapani to put out a fire that broke out near the town of Burgio (AG), making 19 water releases in 3 hours of flight.  

The commitment of the Armed Forces in the AIB 2020 campaign is part of the agreement signed last June between the Ministry of Defense and the Civil Protection Department which also provides for the COAU, Unified Air Operations Center as the coordinating body of interventions in case of emergency.

Firefighting is one of the operational capabilities that the Armed Forces put at the service of the community on a daily basis in cases of public utility or on occasions of disasters, operating in close synergy and in support of the various Agencies and State Bodies involved in ground and in-flight rescue. .