Air Force and Army together to develop new training methods for helicopter pilots

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days, the commander ofArmy aviation (AVES) general of division Andrea Di Stasio and the chief of staff of the command of the schools AM / 3 ^ ra, air brigadier general Luigi Casali, delegates from the respective Armed Forces, have signed a Technical Agreement between the Italian Army and the Air Force for the year 2022.

The Agreement will guarantee the start of a joint training process through which the flight instructors of the Air Force - belonging to the 72nd Frosinone wing - will qualify the specialty instructors of the Italian Army ("Qualified Instructor Course"), allowing them their future use in the initial training of EI personnel.

The agreement also provides that an aliquot of EI RH206C helicopters, as soon as available, will be deployed to the 72nd wing of Frosinone, to be used in the training of specialty instructors and aspiring EI pilots. Exceptionally only the first two specialty instructors will be trained on Air Force TH-500 helicopters.

Specifically, the use of the RH-206C EI assets by the AM and the collaboration between the instructor pilots of the Air Force, the authority responsible for issuing the military helicopter pilot license, and the AVES specialty instructors will be guaranteed and structured with standardized training methods coordinated between the parties.

In this context, the AM and EI synergy continues in the training and training activities on rotary wing aircraft for the achievement of military helicopter pilot license (BMPE).