Collaboration agreement between COVI and Barilla

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Signed in recent days the agreement between the operational command of interforce forces (COVI) and the Barilla Group.

A collaboration that will allow the Defense High Command and the well-known Italian Group, one of the world leaders in the food market, to supply and transport basic necessities to be allocated to the most disadvantaged populations present in the various areas of the world where the military are engaged Italians.

The document was signed by army corps general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and by the group's vice president, Luca Barilla.

The ratification ceremony took place in the "Baracca" room of the COVI in the presence of a representation of the high command and a delegation from Barilla.

The agreement, which will last for three years, was welcomed with satisfaction by General Figliuolo, who in the course of his brief speech wanted to highlight COVI's commitment to promoting forms of collaboration with the Italian industrial and entrepreneurial world aimed at support those who live in difficult contexts and poverty. "Transporting and actually distributing the foodstuffs that Barilla generously makes available will allow us, even more, to complete the objectives of our missions abroad, which form part of a commitment that involves the country system . This is part of our way of doing things, of our being Italian, of our ability to interact on an equal footing with others, without any prejudice of sex, race or religion"said General Figliuolo.

Luca Barilla, during the meeting, expressed great satisfaction for this collaboration with COVI. These are his words: “We have always thought that the true mission of a company is completed only when its beneficial action is also poured out on the community. With this beautiful agreement, two Italian forces come together to lend a hand, even outside our borders, to the people most in difficulty without any distinction".

The contents of the Agreement were illustrated by the head of the planning and exercises department of the COVI, division admiral Fabio Agostini, who also wanted to recall that Barilla will support the COVI during the promotional activities linked to the JOINT STARS joint and interagency exercise23, which will take place next May in Sardinia.

The three-year agreement formalized today represents a milestone in the new and substantial phase of development of transversal collaboration between the Armed Forces and the various non-military realities of the country, through which they intend to share tools, materials and the common goal of exporting, in difficult and emergency contexts, our way of being Italian, which is to help those who are most in difficulty, within the limits of availability.