Viterbo: swears the 25th "Fobos II" air force marshal student course

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This morning, Friday 14 April, the Oath and Baptism ceremony of the 25th normal course of marshal students of the Air Force "Fobos II" was held which, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Air Force, was held for the first time in the splendid and evocative setting of Piazza San Lorenzo in Viterbo. There were 127 student marshals, from all over Italy and incorporated at the Viterbo training institute last 26 September, who swore allegiance to the Italian Republic and its institutions.

The event was presided over by the undersecretary of state for defence, sen. Isabella Rauti, and by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, general of the air force Luca Goretti with the participation of the commander of the Schools and of the 3rd air region, general of the air force Silvano Frigerio, of the highest local civil, religious and military authorities , of the Labari of the Viterbo Combat and Weapons Associations as well as a large representation of relatives of the students and the participants of the course Phobos I.

The commander of the school marshals Air Force and the Viterbo airport command, Colonel Sandro Cascino, after thanking the authorities and the guests who attended, addressing the families of the sworn students said: “Your presence here today, in addition to being very important for your children, is fundamental for all the personnel of our Training Institute. Your emotions, your proud gazes towards our students, are the fuel for our engines, the motivation that drives us to restart, year after year, with passion, in the marvelous adventure of preparing young Italians by training them into men and women, in professional and motivated soldiers in the service of the country”

Then turning to the boys he continued by saying: “127 young Italians, boys and girls who with motivation, commitment and sacrifice have faced months full of challenges and obstacles, reaching their first important milestone of what will be a wonderful career in the ranks of our wonderful Air Force. I swear! it will reach the ears of your loved ones like the roar of a powerful engine”.

At the end of his speech, after having challenged the Institute flag, he read the formula of the solemn oath for the student marshals of the 25th course who at the end shouted "I swear!" sealed by flying over a formation of Euro Fighter of the 4th Fighter Wing of Grosseto, aimed at underlining the value of the capabilities and excellence expressed by the Air Force at the service of the country for the defense and security of the community.

Afterwards, during the ceremony, the Baptism of the course was also held, which took on the name of Phobos II, imparted by the Bishop of the City of Viterbo, ser mons. Orazio Francesco Piazza, and the subsequent "blessing of the pennant" which passed from the hands of the chief president of non-commissioned officers, graduates and enlisted soldiers for the Air Force, 1st lieutenant Giuseppe Giannetti, to those of the godfather of the course, 1st m .llo Gabriele Supino of the 9th stormo, who then delivered it to the head of the course Phobos II, student marshal Simone Pierri. A traditional moment of exchange that ideally wants to symbolize the handover of values, traditions and ideals between generations of marshals who have worked and will continue to work in the service of the country.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General of the Air Force Luca Goretti, said in his speech: “Girls and boys of the Fobos course, during this solemn ceremony you swore to dedicate your work exclusively to the good of the community, unreservedly lavishing every energy in carrying out the tasks that our country will call you to perform. Do it with pride, determination and a sense of duty”.

General Goretti then added: "I see among you future technicians, healthcare and on-board operators, cybernetics, administrators, maintenance and operatives who will carry out the tasks assigned to them in the various entities and departments of the Armed Forces, some even in the emerging domains of space and cyber, others to support the flight lines also in the various international operating theaters. You will begin a particularly exciting life journey, which will require important sacrifices on a personal level, but which will be able to return enormous satisfaction, unique both on a human and professional level".

"Astra monita sunt" or the stars are a warning, the motto chosen by the young marshals: “Be proud of your choice and always ready to support each other with the courage of actions and ideas at all times”, concluded General Goretti.

Later, Undersecretary of State for Defense Senator Isabella Rauti said: “Today we have before us a new generation of marshals. Young professionals trained and prepared thanks to high educational standards that include advanced degree courses, developed in close synergy with prestigious universities". Addressing the young marshal students, he underlined: “The oath you took is a solemn act that sanctions your entry into the family of the Arma Azzurra. The world awaits you, get ready to take on even more important responsibilities and to interpret your role with growing awareness".

For Undersecretary Rauti “the prestigious school of Viterbo represents, due to its organization and the complexity of the tasks, a fundamental cornerstone in the didactic panorama of the Defense and of the Air Force in particular. From this formative reality – highlighted the sen. Rauti – come the women and men who fly over and protect our skies, those of Europe and those of the international missions in which we participate; and they do it with impeccable professionalism, courage and extraordinary passion. [...] But there is another important perennial mission to accomplish and that is to transmit to society and the national community, through example, the fundamental values ​​of peace, freedom, democracy and civil coexistence".

Some information on the “Fobos II” Course: 

127 students, including 101 men and 26 women. Of these, 80 are attending the degree course in Political Science and International Relations - curriculum in Aeronautical Professions Sciences and Techniques at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo; 41 are attending the degree course in Aeronautical Maintenance Sciences and Techniques pertaining to the degree class of Industrial Engineering at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo and 6 the degree course in Nursing at the Viterbo branch of the Sapienza University of Rome.

La school marshals of the Air Force / Viterbo airport command is placed under the command of the AM Schools commander and of the 3rd air region; the department covers a dual mission: on the one hand, as a university institute, it has the task of providing for the military and moral training and specific professional education of the non-commissioned officers of the role marshals, as well as the improvement and updating of this training; on the other hand, as a military airport open to civilian traffic, it ensures the provision of Air Navigation Services and guarantees, in accordance with the provisions of the sector's operational plans, the efficiency of the airport installations functional to flight activity.

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