Historic aircraft: the Gate Guardian of the Dobbiaco military airport has been restored

(To air Force)

Thanks to a synergy between the 1st air region command, the Dobbiaco airport detachment, the aircraft efficiency group (GEA) of the 51st wing of Istrana (Treviso) and the 28th group of the 32nd wing of Amendola (Foggia), steps were taken - in the period between September and mid-November - to restore the Gate Guardian FIAT G-46 4B, two-seater aircraft that required an important work to preserve the integrity of the historic aircraft in the operational area of ​​the Val Pusteria department.

The restoration work by the GEA specialized technicians is noteworthy who, inside the special scaffolding covered by a large sheet to protect against the elements, effectively not moving the aircraft from its installation, completed the work, providing a new luster to the livery of the historic aircraft, under which the skids were mounted, restored by the 28th group and subsequently painted by the GEA of the 51st Wing.

The G-46 was a low-wing monoplane training aircraft, produced by FIAT Aviazione between 1948 and 1952 in 233 units. First flight on June 25, 1947. Built in light metal alloy equipped with an inverted inline 115-cylinder air-cooled Alfa Romeo 6 engine. It was used by the Air Forces of Italy, Austria, Argentina and Syria. This 5th Series aircraft with military registration number 53302 is one of the 141 units that were supplied to the AM until the end of the 50s, when the G-6s were withdrawn with the advent of the North American T-46. Of the 50 specimens sold to the Aeroclub d'Italia for the re-equipment of the federated Aeroclub fleet, the current specimen was housed at the Cameri airport. 

The Dobbiaco airport detachment, which depends on the command of the 1st Milan air region, guarantees support to the survival courses in the mountains (Flight Safety), to departments undergoing training in the context of international exercises e airmanship maintenance courses on glider; to this is added the detection of meteorological parameters on the ground.