Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano, the Defense contributes to the security framework

(To air Force)

On 4 and 5 July the International Ukraine Recovery Conference 2022 was held in Lugano (Switzerland), an event for which it was necessary to support the Defense for the security device set up to increase the surveillance and defense capabilities of the airspace. overlooking the city of Lugano and the neighboring border area.

Specifically, the Air Force has ensured, through its departments, the command and control of air defense operations, coordination and exchange of information with the Control and Reporting Center (CRC) in Switzerland, the increase in radar surveillance at low altitudes and the intervention in the event of violations of the airspace by aircraft of different categories (fast and slow movers) in all conditions of time and time.

The Armed Force to ensure the surveillance of the airspace in QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) has deployed at the airport of Cameri (NO), 2 Euro Fighter of the 4th flock of Grosseto and, for the first time, at the airport of Vergiate (VA) 2 HH-139B helicopters of the 15th flock of Cervia, with configuration Slow Mover Interceptor including air rescue operators (ARS) as "SMI shooters". This new version of the HH-139 is equipped with electro-optical equipment that makes the attitude particularly suitable for the interception of slow aircraft even in low light conditions.

The command and control of both national and Swiss assets was managed by Aerospace Operations Command (COA) of Poggio Renatico through the NASOC (National Air and Space Operations Center) responsible for the planning, conduct and management of current operations. The airspace surveillance service was conducted by the departments of the aerospace control brigade as regards the capacity for Air Defense and Integrated Missile Defense, the control of the flight arrangements and the coordination of the Operational Air Traffic.

Finally, a G-550 CAEW aircraft of the 14 ° Stormo di Pratica di Mare was used to support and increase the air surveillance capacity, as well as command and control.

During the days of operational activity, all the assets involved ensured, without interruption, the operational capacity for real intervention, guaranteeing the readiness standards required by NATO.