Ukraine: humanitarian aid sent with C-130J aircraft

(To Greater Defense)

An Air Force C-130J aircraft made two flights to Ukraine to bring aid to the people affected by the flood that has plagued the country in recent days.

The C-130J of the 46th Pisa Air Brigade loaded at the Villafranca airport - seat of the 3rd flock of the Air Force - tons of material made available by firefighters, Italian regions and national voluntary organizations of civil protection: tents, water pumps, light towers and more.

Once the load of aid for the Ukrainian people was finished, by the staff of the 3rd flock, the aircraft headed towards Lviv Airport.

The ongoing activities testify, once again, the great versatility and ability to integrate in an international, inter-ministerial and inter-force key of the Armed Forces, which are able to respond promptly to the various requests for intervention in Italy and abroad.