Todi: Aeronautica Militare helicopter rescues injured lumberjack

(To air Force)

An HH-139A helicopter from the 85th Center Combat Search & Rescue of the 15th wing of the Air Force intervened yesterday evening, Wednesday 19 January, to rescue a woodcutter who was injured in a very inaccessible wooded area in Casemasce, in the Municipality of Todi. 

The military helicopter, one of the assets of the Armed Force always ready for take-off on the national territory also for this kind of interventions, immediately took off from the military airport of Pratica di Mare (RM), where the 85th is based center Combat SAR (Search and Rescue) of the 15th wing of the Italian Air Force. 

Once they reached the intervention area, the crew recovered the injured man who had been stabilized on the ground by the technicians and operators of the National Alpine Rescue and Speleological Umbria on a special stretcher using the winch. Thanks to the use of NVG night vision goggles (Night Vision Goggles), which allow to operate in marginal light conditions or at night, the recovery of the lumberjack took place in complete safety and once the helicopter was finished he went to the Santa Maria della Misericordia hospital in Perugia. 

The alert crew of the 85th C / SAR center had been activated in the late afternoon from Rescue Coordination Center of the aerospace operations command of Poggio Renatico (FE), the command and control center of the Italian Air Force from which all operational activities of this kind are managed.