Marshals School: the students of the 22nd Chiron II normal course promoted to third class marshals

(To air Force)

Thursday 18 November 2021, at the Marshals School of the Air Force / Viterbo Airport Command, the award ceremony of the degrees to the 104 new third class marshals belonging to the 22nd normal course was held Chiron II.

The ceremony, presided over by the commander of the Marshals School of the Air Force and Viterbo Airport, pilot colonel Sandro Cascino, took place in compliance with the current containment measures for the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the civil and military authorities of Viterbo and the families of the newly promoted marshals, the chief president of the non-commissioned officers, graduates and troops, 1st lieutenant Giuseppe Giannetti, and the godfather of the 22nd course were present. Chiron II, m.llo 1st class Enrico Corona.

As per tradition, testifying to the solid bond of closeness between the citizens of Viterbo and the Marshals School of the Air Force, the course chief, the deputy course chief and some students considered particularly deserving, representing the entire course, received the degrees and the saber directly from the hands of the authorities present; all the others received them directly from their families.

Particularly exciting was the liturgical blessing in the symbol of degrees and the saber given by the military chaplain and the delivery of the saber of honor to the head of the course, by a representative of the association of the porters of Santa Rosa. The delivery of the saber of honor, on which a rose has been engraved, symbol of the partnership, highlights, once again, the sharing of important values ​​such as strength, courage, determination, commitment, and in this phase, resilience and desire to restart , between two important realities of the capital of Tuscia or the Marshals School of the Air Force and the porters of Santa Rosa.

For the commander of the courses, col. pilot Vito Conserva "Today is not a point of arrival but it is the beginning of a wonderful adventure within the great Blue Family which certainly will not be without obstacles but I assure you that it will be full and full of satisfactions. I am sure that you will be able to honor the commitment made with the Oath of Fidelity to the Fatherland, I am sure that you will be able to provide that added value that the Armed Force, in a period of drastic staff reductions, really needs. Make us proud! "

The godfather of the 22nd course Chiron II in bringing greetings from colleagues in the course Chiron I, enlisted twenty years earlier, highlighted how "All the personnel belonging to the role of marshals are assigned functions that require adequate professional preparation, something that you have learned in this hard but important two-year process. I am sure that, like Chiron, a master expert in the arts, sciences and medicine, you will take your knowledge wherever you are destined ".

In his speech the commander, Colonel Cascino, exhorted the new marshals stating: "Being true, honest, motivated and loyal people is the starting point for being in the military! The uniform is not enough, without these values ​​there is no credibility, and there is no military! Today here, together with your parents and your instructors, the Air Force asks you just that, be this kind of people, be real men and women! "

For the commander, in fact, "behind the stereotypes of a 'social' generation hidden behind a mobile phone screen, there is instead exceptional human material, material that blossoms and achieves great results behind a wise guide. However, be aware that this is only the first step of a long marathon Since you received your new rank, you have instantly become a guide and example for thousands of military, people in uniform who will now be looking at you for guidance, guidance, knowledge and inspiration. Well, don't let them down! Make sure that behind the rank, behind your uniform, these people can always find the man and woman you have become thanks to all those who are present here today in this wonderful historic hangar ".