School: the open days have begun at the Giulio Douhet Air Force School

(To air Force)

The first was held on Sunday 29 January at the Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences in Florence Open day 2023 of the “G. Douhet”.
During the day, the numerous boys and girls who came from all over Italy had the opportunity to learn about the typical day of the School and the specifics of the Air Force high school, interfacing with the students who accompanied them in the various phases.

The Douhet School, in fact, is a secondary education institute, which can be accessed through a public competition, where the courses of the last three years are held in the classical and scientific fields. The training, provided for in the training offer plan, complies with the ministerial programs and is further enriched by multiple cultural, sporting and military education activities.

Curious to find out more about the educational offer of the School, the young visitors and their parents, accompanied by the personnel in service at Douhet and some of its students, had the opportunity to view the school facilities of the Institute, the environments in which the students their daily activities and spend their free time. Furthermore, during the visit it was possible to appreciate the historic structures of the Institute of Aeronautical Military Sciences which, since 2006, has housed the military high school.

THEOpen Day it was also an opportunity to request useful information on the competition procedure for accessing the School and on career opportunities at the end of the three-year school period.

The future appointments this year in which it will be possible to visit the School will be on 12 and 25 February, 12 and 25 March and 15 April. It will also be possible to get to know the Douhet School by participating in the Virtual Open Days planned for the dates of March 31st and April 1st and 5th.

How to participate in the Open Day and Virtual Open Days can be found on School site.