RSV: New 2014 flight crews have been presented


On Friday 31 January, the 311 Flight Group of the Experimental Flight Department (RSV) officially designated the new flight crews for the 2014 season air presentations and thanked the flight crew presenter of the previous season, reviewing the main events they have characterized the year just ended.

The in-flight presentation activity of the Aeronautica Militare airplanes is, in fact, part of the 311 ° GV institute tasks and sees its men and women engaged during the summer season months in numerous Air-shows, both in Italy and in Italy. abroad.

For airplanes AM-XEurofighter 2000 e Tornado three pilots and a navigator were nominated, while for theC-27J two pilots and a specialist.

The Experimental Flight Department has the task of supporting the Operational Departments of the Air Force through experimentation, integration and validation of new weapon systems or those subject to modification. The Department also has the task of issuing or optimizing the procedures for use, as well as providing for the initial training of the Flight Departments. Moreover, the RSV, also in response to the changing geopolitical, social and economic context, has given a significant boost to the activities in support of the Operating Departments, essentially through the instrument of the operational technical certification that allows the rapid and autonomous implementation of technological solutions able to meet new demands in hostile theaters. The contribution to the "Unified Protector" operation was significant to update and properly configure the Tornado, F-2000A, AM-X and KC-767A. More recently, the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) activities on the F-2000A weapon systems fall within this context, T-346, KC-767A e HH-139A, evaluations of remote piloted aircraft, defense trials against ballistic missile attacks and studies supporting new frontiers in the satellite sector. The RSV also works for the benefit of other Armed Forces, Armed Corps of the State and bodies of the General Defense Secretariat / National Armaments Directorate. Recently, even the judiciary, for investigating civil aviation accidents, has requested the advice of RSV technicians.

Source: Experimental Flight Department - Pratica di Mare (Rm) - Serg. Anna Mangiacapre