Romania: President Macron visits Task Force Air

(To air Force)

French President Macron met with Romanian President Iohannis at Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base.

On this occasion, the two presidents reviewed the NATO contingents deployed here, which, in addition to the Italian one of the "Black Storm" Air Task Force, include the land forces of Belgium, France and the United States, as well as air forces from Romania and the United United. 

In addition to the presence of the Romanian Prime Minister Ciucă, the ambassador of Italy in Bucharest, Alfredo Maria Durante Mangoni, spoke at the event.

During the review, after having paid the honors, the commander of the TFA briefly explained to the French president the mission assigned to the national contingent, consisting in the activities of Combat Air Patrol (CAP) of the Romanian borders, with Typhoon aircraft, in the framework of the named NATO device enhanced Vigilance Activity (eVA).

The previous evening, as a premise of today's event, President Macron wished to greet and personally thank the commanders of the international contingents, before having a confidential conversation with the French troops stationed at the Romanian base.

The eVA device, framed in the context of NATO's deterrence and defense posture, involves the use of fast jet assets to patrol the borders of the Alliance, Combat Air Patrol and training with allied land and naval units. These missions therefore represent the ability of the Alliance countries to share and optimize the use of means, personnel and professionalism, to safeguard NATO airspace, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.