Experimental Flight Department: final training mission for the new "Display Pilot" and "Display Crew"

(To air Force)

On Tuesday 2 May 2023 at the "Mario de Bernardi" military airport in Pratica di Mare the final day of the training of the crews of the experimental department (RSV) with in-flight technical presentations of the aircraft.

The event took place in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (SMA), general of the air team Luca Goretti, of the sub-chief of SMA, gen. sa Aurelio Colagrande, of the commander of the air force, gen. knows Alberto Biavati and the logistic commander, gen. knows Roberto Comelli.

The military authorities were welcomed by gen. by Alessandro De Lorenzo, commander of the air division of aeronautical and space experimentation (DASAS), and by col. Fabio De Michele, commander of the experimental flight department (RSV), and conducted at the flight line of the 311th flight group (GV) to attend the in-flight technical demonstrations of the aircraft.

The presenting crews, coordinated from the ground by the commander of the 311th GV, t.col. Marco M., have carried out their highly technical evolutions of the T-346A aircraft, Euro Fighter and C-27J. These activities are one of the peculiarities of the experimental flight department which materialize in the execution of a series of highly representative technical-operational maneuvers which, although carried out within the speed and altitude limits established by the regulations, have the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of the aircraft supplied to the Armed Forces.

At the end of the flight activity, pilots and crews were welcomed by high military officials and by a representation of the personnel of the 311th GV.

The RSV commander, col. Fabio De Michele, who, after thanking the authorities present, focused attention on the precious work carried out during the entire training phase: “a commitment, that of in-flight presentations, which has been taken on by the whole department with great responsibility and professionalism, starting from the group commander, to the presenting crews, to the technical-maintenance and engineering components. Preparation for technical demonstrations in flight represents a commitment that the department carries out by applying the scientific-experimental approach, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of guaranteeing the implementation of the operational capabilities necessary for the operational departments to best face the assigned mission". Then addressing the crews, he added: "You are called to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the aircraft of the Armed Forces, to demonstrate the professionalism and preparation of the personnel of the Air Force, to bring the

greeting from the Arma Azzurra and the nation in Italy and abroad, a task that will be even more exciting this season that will see you as protagonists of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of our beloved Air Force".

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. sa Luca Goretti, then gave way to the solemn moment of delivery of the patches Display pilot and Display Crew, accompanying it with the ritual and auspicious pat on the back; addressing, then, the recently awarded crews, and in general to all the experimental flight department, underlined how the display activity is the essence of a much more complex and articulated organization and how important the task carried out is in favor of all the operational departments of the Armed Forces: “I am happy today to deliver these patches to you, which represent the green light for the various events that will take place in this year of the Centenary; the 'Experimental' has represented, represents and will always represent one of the key elements of our Armed Forces, the seriousness and professionalism with which you deal with certain issues represent a security and a guarantee for me, and your performances are a reason for satisfaction for me ”.

The 311st flight group belongs to the experimental flight department of the Air Force and performs all those functions aimed at carrying out the institutional task of the department, i.e. the experimentation and implementation of new aeronautical systems and newly acquired aircraft. The experimental flight department is at the service of the operational departments of the Armed Forces, implementing new technologies on the aircraft supplied and, above all, developing new ones to make the operational activity of the Armed Forces more efficient and safer.

The 311th GV, primus inter pares, includes pilots, navigators and experimenting mechanics, coming from the aerotactic lines of the Italian Air Force, as well as all the non-sailing personnel who perform key functions for the flight activity, such as aircraft maintenance , flight materials and the tasks of managing and supervising the daily flying activity.

A fundamental part for the group, as well as for the Armed Forces, is the effective collaboration with the National Industry for the research and development process of aeronautical products.

Activity that allows the Armed Forces to always be updated on the latest technologies available and, to the National Industry, to be able to draw on knowledge and professionalism not available in the civilian field.

The 311th flight group is a reality perfectly inserted in the experimental flight department together with all the other exquisitely engineering components; the 311th GV is the technical interface between the military and industrial components of the country and guarantees that adequate technological level which allows the military instrument to be useful and updated.

The 311th GV is at the service of the operations of the Armed Forces, in which traditions, research, method and curiosity for technological development are made together.