Joint rescue operations between the Coast Guard, the Air Force and 118 personnel

(To 70 flock)

In the morning of today, Thursday 11 August, during a coastal patrol mission, a helicopter of the Coast Guard of Catania temporarily deployed on the military airport of Pratica di Mare intercepted, off the coast of the island of Palmarola (LT), the distress call signal coming from a boat. On board, a 15-year-old Spanish boy needed urgent medical attention.

After the recovery, the pilot of the GC helicopter headed to the military airport of Latina, where the staff of the 70th flock immediately prepared themselves to provide the necessary health and logistical support, deploying their ambulance near the landing area. , with medical staff and health assistant who provided first aid to the young patient and stabilized his health conditions.

At the same time, the operations office staff carried out all the necessary coordination to activate the alert chain, prepared the aircraft refueling operations and guaranteed access to the 118 personnel who, informed by the GC pilot, sent to the flock its own ambulance. The young patient was then entrusted to the care of the 118 health workers who finally proceeded to transport him to the "SM Goretti" hospital in Latina.