NATO: Air Force officer receives the Cross of Merit

(To Greater Defense)

On Friday 11 December 2020, Colonel Giorgio Santoro, commander of theOperations Wing dell 'E3A Component of Geilenkirchen, he received from Colonel Antonio Azuaga Sanchez, representing the Spanish Minister of Defense, the Cross of Aeronautical Merit, an honor conferred on personnel who distinguish themselves in the exercise of their functions.

During the ceremony, Colonel Azuaga Sanchez explained how since 1945, the year of its establishment, the Cross of Aeronautical Merit was destined to reward actions, merits and valuable results achieved in the service.

In congratulating Colonel Santoro, he stressed how he effectively directed theOperations Wing, the unit responsible for the training and operations of the crews, guaranteeing high training standards and the ability to project flight groups abroad.

Colonel Santoro in his speech recalled the fundamental relationship of collaboration between theOperations Wing, an Italian-commanded flock in which the three Flight Groups of the E-3A Component, and the Capability, Standards and CIS Division of the NAEW & C Force Headquarters, a Spanish-led organization competent for plans, policies, programs, doctrines and telecommunications. For the effective and efficient use of the weapon system, especially in the difficult conditions imposed by the pandemic emergency in progress, this collaboration is enabling.