Martinengo and Grecale train with the Greek frigate Themistocles

(To Marina Militare)

Tuesday 19 April, training at sea for frigates Martinengo (ITA) Grecale (ITA) e Themistocles (GR). The three ships are engaged in different operations in the Mediterranean: Ship Martinengo in the national operation Safe Sea, while Ship Grecale e Themistocles in the European device EUNAVFORMED IRINI.

Intense joint training activity, during which the adm. Rutteri, commander at sea (Force Commander) of the European Union operation for the security of the Mediterranean, was hosted aboard the ship Martinengo, flag ship of the Italian air-naval device Operation Safe Sea. The interaction activity between the assets involved a series of activities with a very high training return, which resulted in a large number of close kinematic maneuvers, as well as in the simulations of boarding by the boarding team board the units.

This significant event demonstrates the profound interoperability between national and European multinational air and naval assets for the protection of the safety and freedom of navigation in the Mediterranean waters.

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