Italy assures weather-oceanographic support to NATO RF

(To Greater Defense)

From 1 January of this year, Italy has the task of supporting the commands and assets of the Atlantic Alliance with meteorological and oceanographic products and data for the exercises conducted by the NATO Response Force (NRF).

With the signing of the "Technical Arrangement" signed last November between Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and the Ministry of Defense, the Air Force Meteorological Service and the Navy Hydrographic Institute support the Alliance for the two-year period 2023-2024, without interruption, with specific products developed to respond, quickly , to the requests of the NATO Commands and assets.

Support is provided through the National Center for Aerospace Meteorology and Climatology (CNMCA) of Pratica di Mare, which elaborates the mathematical forecasting models and guarantees the operational production of maps and products, together with those developed by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy of Genoa. The CNMCA and the RESIA (Automated Information Systems Department) provide for their dissemination through NATO channels, to allow the widest dissemination through hubs and networks to military units in readiness.

Il operational command of interforce forces (COVI), the Italian operational level command, managed the initial stages of coordination between the various entities and commands of the armed forces involved.

‚ÄčItaly guarantees the consistency and optimization of forecasts, in line with the NATO policy summarized in the "One Theatre, one Forecast" principle.