Italy-Switzerland: two technical agreements between the air forces renewed in remote mode

(To air Force)

Two bilateral agreements on airspace training and safety between the Italian Air Force and the Swiss Air Force were signed today, via video link due to the current health emergency situation.

To sign the renewal of the two agreements, the chief of staff of the Air Force, air squad general Alberto Rosso, and his Swiss counterpart, the commander of the air forces General Bernhard Müller.

The first concerns the use of cross-border areas on the border between the two nations (Cross Border Area), which can be used by both aeronautics for joint training activities. The second confirms the commitment of the Air Force to guarantee the safety of Swiss airspace, in technical jargon Air Policing. Both sides expressed their readiness for joint participation in bilateral cooperation programs.

During the meeting it was also agreed to share their skills in the training, training, operational and logistic fields, with particular reference to the connectivity of sensors and systems that guarantee information exchange. 

At the end of the meeting, both nations expressed their satisfaction with the agreement reached while hoping that bilateral activities in the presence could resume at the end of the current pandemic period.