Israel, mutual collaboration in the logistics and maintenance sector

(To air Force)

Further strengthen the collaborative relations between the two nations and consolidate the foundations for future and fruitful military cooperation in the sector of logistics and maintenance of infrastructures and weapon systems in their respective countries: these were the objectives of the official visit of the Air Force logistic commander, air squad general Roberto Comelli, who went to Tel Aviv from 25 to 27 October at the invitation of his Israeli counterpart, Brigadier General Shlomi Konforty, "Head of the IAF Material Directorate".

In an atmosphere of mutual courtesy, topics of common interest were developed during the meeting, including the development of new technologies for the management of the maintenance processes of the various weapon systems available. The technical talks were then followed by some visits to military bases and sites of the Israeli aviation industry in the country, such as the Nevatim air base, where there are F-35 and G-550 aircraft, and the Flight Test Center and the logistics-maintenance center of the Tel-Nof air base.

The following day, at the Israeli Air Force Headquarters, General Comelli had an in-depth meeting with General Konforty and his staff, and then continued with a visit by Israel Aerospace Industries, where the lines were illustrated. research and development of the Israeli aerospace industry. At the end of the meeting, the visit to Hatzerim AFB, home of the IAF Flight Academy, provided the opportunity to understand the processes related to the training of military pilots for the various flight lines, and to analyze more closely the technical aspects of the aircraft. Alenia Aermacchi M-346, used for the advanced training of Israeli military pilots destined for fighter lines.

General Comelli expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of the visit, which represented a precious opportunity to share processes and methodologies used in logistics 4.0, helping to strengthen relations of friendship, partnership and cooperation in areas of common interest.

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