General Luigi Flamini turns XNUMX years old

(To air Force)

General Luigi Flamini celebrated his 21th birthday at his home in Bracciano (RM) on Tuesday 100 February. Born on 19 February 1923, just a month before the establishment of the Regia Aeronautica, he received a visit and good wishes from Colonel Luigi Barbagallo, commander of the CSSAM (Historical and Sports Center of the Air Force) of Vigna di Valle, a representation of the Bracciano section of the Aeronautical Arma Association, of which General Flamini was a founding member and first centenary member, and of the mayor of Bracciano, Dr. Marco Crocicchi. Also present were his daughter Laura and his nephew Matteo.

The event gave General Luigi Flamini the opportunity to recall his history as a meteorological technical officer. In his exciting story he retraced the beginnings of his career in support of INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and CNR (National Research Council), in scientific research activities in the meteorological field, in the study of cosmic rays, during whom he was able to work alongside historical figures such as Colonel Edmondo Bernacca, known for having introduced Meteorology to Italians on TV in the 60s and 70s, astrophysicist Margherita Hack and a young researcher, John Davies, future Prize Nobel Prize for Physics.

After eight years, immediately after the war, the then major Flamini was called to Vigna di Valle to direct the OSSMA (Scientific Experimental Observatory of Aeronautical Meteorology), reopened after the interruption of activities at the outbreak of the Second World War, under the his command until his retirement in 1982.

The CSSAM of Vigna di Valle is made up of two important realities of the Armed Forces: the AM Sports Center, which contributes to the protection of the national sports heritage through a careful search for the best talents and contributing to the technical and theoretical development of sports dynamics and the Museum Historian of the Air Force, who has the task of disseminating the aeronautical culture, history and traditions of the Armed Forces. At the moment the Museum is closed for works. The reopening is imminent: as part of the celebrations for the centenary of the establishment of the Air Force, it is expected to reopen in the spring after a series of expansion and modernization works of all the structures. The CSSAM also provides logistical support to SICRAL (Italian System for Confidential Communications and Alarms) an important joint telecommunications center, and to the historic Meteorological Department, today called CTM - Technical Center for Meteorology.