Air Squad General Silvano Frigerio at the top of the AM / 3rd Air Region School Command

(To air Force)

On Wednesday 12 January 2022, at the Bari-Palese military airport, the alternation ceremony for the command of the Air Force Schools / 3rd air region took place between the outgoing air squad general Aurelio Colagrande, and the general of Silvano Frigerio air team, taking over. The ceremony was presided over by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, air squad general Luca Goretti, in the presence of numerous civil and military authorities.

In his farewell speech, General Colagrande expressed his heartfelt thanks to the head of SMA who “… He has amply supported me, both morally and tangibly, by sharing and appreciating the innovative projects and programs of our command. I also thank him for the confidence he has shown in assigning me the new post of Deputy Chief of Staff of the AOS ". He continued his speech by turning his thoughts to all the students and frequenters of the training institutes: "... They represent our reason for existing and deserve my and your applause ... They have been at the center of our attention and our daily activities and have repaid us by facing with great determination all the difficulties related to the recent and current pandemic period , undertaking heavy tasks and commitments, demonstrating full maturity and reliability, confirming that the new generations deserve all our trust ".

General Frigerio, in his inauguration speech, after thanking the civil and military authorities who intervened, remarked "... I am strongly convinced that the command of the Schools is a fundamental pillar of the Air Force, since an Armed Force can have state-of-the-art weapons and command and control systems, it can have cutting-edge logistics that supports these systems, however - in order to be in step with the times and be decisive in the context of military operations - cannot ignore having militarily and professionally trained and trained personnel, firm in their ethical values ​​and ready to sacrifice their interests in favor of those of the community ". Furthermore, he added: "... I would like to thank General Colagrande for having given me the helm of a solid command of the Schools capable of guaranteeing seamless training and education and of a regional command rooted in the territory, which has a splendid relationship with all local institutions ".

The ceremony ended with the intervention of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, air squad general Luca Goretti who wanted to point out that "... Despite the stringent limitations, the Schools command continued to operate by preparing, with a perspective vision, the men and women in blue so that they become top-level professionals, determined to pursue excellence and serve the country with loyalty, pride and honesty, to face the challenges that the future holds for us effectively, efficiently and with a spirit of service ". General Goretti also wished General Frigerio good work, indicating him how "The best figure of commander for a fundamental pillar for the future of the Armed Force", in the wake of the excellent work of his predecessor and addressing General Colagrande: "... An equally challenging and important position awaits you like that of Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force in which I am sure you will be able to distinguish yourself and be appreciated in a very short time, also by virtue of the charismatic leadership, persistent tenacity and commendable dedication at the service that has always characterized you ".

During the morning, shortly before the start of the ceremony, General Colagrande went to the Military Memorial of the Overseas Fallen in Bari where - as commander of the Bari joint military garrison - he laid a laurel wreath in honor of the fallen.