The Commander of the CFC on a visit to Rivolto


Yesterday, the Air Brigade General Nicola Lanza de Cristoforis, Commander of the Air Force Combat Forces, visited the Rivolto military airport (Udine), home of the 2 ° Stormo and the 313 ° "Frecce Tricolori" Acrobatic Training Group.

In analogy to what happened in the visits to the other dependent Operative Departments, the General Lanza de Cristoforis has been able to touch the institute activities and the arrangements with which the two institutions daily operate to achieve the mission assigned by the Armed Forces.

The Commander of the Combat Forces, after a few meetings with representatives of military personnel (Base Representative Committee - CO.BA.R.) and civil (Unitary Trade Union Representatives - RSU) of Rivolto, then wanted to confront the military directly of the Friulian base, explaining to them how the Defense sector and in particular the Air Force are comparing themselves with the latest regulatory developments on the military instrument, explaining the most relevant innovations and the evolutions that in the near future will involve men and women in blue .

The visit ended with the ritual signature of the two wards.


Source: 2 ° Stormo - Rivolto (Ud) - Ten. Giovanni Lopreste