The rescuers celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of their Core

(To air Force)

On Thursday 4 July, at the 15 ° Stormo of Cervia, in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, general of aerial team Alberto Rosso, the 50 anniversary of the establishment of the Air Rescue Core (ARS). The ceremony was attended by the civil, military and religious authorities of the provinces of Ravenna and Forlì-Cesena and the leaders of the 15 ° Stormo chain of command.

The figure of the ARS represents an excellence of the Italian Air Force. Since 28 Marzo 1969, official date of the constitution of the nucleus, behind every intervention and behind each of the over 7300 people saved by the 15 ° Stormo, there has always been an ARS that, day and night, in Italian territory or outside the borders national, in the most desperate conditions, has completed the rescue.

Aerosuppliers are also known as Jolly to underline their characteristic versatility, they are in fact able to survive in desert, snow-covered, jungle or sea environments. Furthermore, it was an Aerosoccorritore who found a hatch on the bottom of Lake Bracciano Kant Z 506 with depicted a Jolly which was later chosen as their emblem. Among the ranks of Aerosuppliers there are 35 Medals of Merit and Value of which a Gold still in service.

This important day began with a mass to then continue with a solemn moment of deposition of the laurel wreath on the monument to the fallen of the Wing. In this circumstance the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force took the floor thanking the 15 ° Stormo for its daily and constant work. "Particularly - stated General Rosso - Aerosuppliers are extraordinary, military people who have always gone beyond mere duty, putting into what they do not only passion, attention and generosity but above all heart, earning the title of guardian angels ".

At the end of this more formal part, the Aerosuppliers gave proof of their abilities in a flight demonstration on the HH-139 and HH-101 helicopters simulating the recovery of personnel who remained isolated both in a national and hostile environment.