The Volunteer students in Fixed Stop of the 26th Course VFP1 "Giano II" - 1st Incorporation swear

(To air Force)

Friday 1 July, in the historic over one hundred year old scenario of the Tarantino seaplane base, the students Volunteers in One Year Fixed (VFP1) of the Air Force were the protagonists of the oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic at the Volunteer School of the AM (SVAM). The ceremony was presided over by air squad general Luca Goretti, chief of staff of the Italian Air Force, accompanied by 1st lieutenant Giuseppe Giannetti, chief president of non-commissioned officers, graduates and troops, in the presence of the commander of the AM / 3 Schools ^ air region, air squad general Silvano Frigerio, as well as the highest civil, military and religious representatives.

At the end of the general training course, which began on 6 June and took place at SVAM, 259 students of the 26th VFP1 course "GIANO II - 1st incorporation", the protagonists of the day, experienced a moment full of emotions that reached its peak when they recited the solemn formula of "I swear!" in front of the numerous family members who came from all over Italy. The event, embellished by the Fanfare, also gave particularly significant moments when the "godfather", a graduate belonging to the "GIANO I" course held in Taranto in 2008, the "pennant", symbol of traditions and continuity of aeronautical values, was given to the head of the course, after which the "Orifiamma" was raised to the sky, with the names of all the jurands written on it.

The commander of the SVAM, Colonel Claudio Castellano, after thanking the authorities, addressing the students and those present, highlighted how "With a moved and passionate soul I turn my gaze to the Flag of the Institute here on my right that unites and embraces us soldiers and all Italian citizens who recognize the noblest ethical and moral values ​​in the Italian flag." and, illustrating the path that allowed each student to experience this unforgettable day, underlined how this course enters the Air Force close to the Centenary of the Armed Force, born on March 28, 1923, and therefore concluded by wishing students and students of "Always be consistent and faithful to this oath, even in the most extreme conditions, in compliance with the commitment undertaken with yourself and before the Italian flag".

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force, after renewing the welcome greetings to the numerous authorities who attended, thanked the parents of the students "For having been able to grow and educate young people who, as never before, fully aware of the responsibilities they are taking on, have had the determination to courageously make a distinctive and responsible choice towards the country and the community" underlining the importance of the teachings received by the staff of the permanent staff of the SVAM that will have to be "Constant reference throughout your professional career in the blue weapon, as they summarize the complex of aeronautical virtues on which each of us must continue to develop their own and specific professionalism, with consistency, loyalty and absolute determination."

At the end of the ceremony, inside the hangar, in the presence of all the family members, at the invitation of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the students threw up their hats, thus sealing the end of the first training phase. Finally, the liberating embrace exchanged between the new sworn candidates and their families was thrilling.