Individual oath for 88 neo-marshals of the Deimos II course

(To air Force)

Wednesday, December 21, at the Marshals School of the Air Force/Viterbo Airport Command, the swearing-in ceremony was held individually for the newly promoted third class marshals of the Air Force belonging to the 23rd normal course Deimos II.

The simple but solemn ceremony, which took place in front of the Institute's Flag Marshals School of the Air Force, was presided over by the commander of the Training Institute, Colonel Sandro Cascino, in the presence also of the course commander, the president of the NCOs, graduates and enlisted soldiers of the institution and the holders of the course commands on which the military school in Viterbo is articulated.

During the ceremony, the 88 marshals of 3rd class attending the 23rd course Deimos II, have renewed, individually, the Oath of Loyalty to the Homeland.

As highlighted by the commander of the school, the individual oath represents a significant milestone for the visitors because it reaffirms the solemn commitment to serve the homeland and the free institutions with an even greater awareness, daughter of a different and more relevant legal status, that of marshal in permanent service.

The marshals of the 23rd course Deimos II are currently attending the third year of studies of the curriculum in Sciences and Techniques of Aeronautical Professions, which will culminate with the attainment of a three-year degree in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Tuscia and, for some of them, in Nursing Sciences at the branch of "La Sapienza" in Viterbo, before be intended for the operational departments of employment.

La Marshals School of the Air Force/Viterbo airport command is placed under the command of the AM Schools and the 3rd Bari air region; the department covers a dual mission: on the one hand, as a university institute, it has the task of providing for the military and moral training and specific professional education of the non-commissioned officers of the role of marshals, as well as for the improvement and updating of this training; on the other, as a military airport open to civilian traffic, it provides technical-operational support, air navigation services and force protection activities at Tommaso Fabbri airport.