Frecce Tricolori, presentation of the training and the 2022 poster

(To air Force)

On Monday 20 December at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine the presentation evening of the poster and the 2022 Training of the Frecce Tricolori took place.

The event, a consolidated tradition in the calendar of National Acrobatic Patrol, was held this year in an unprecedented place: for the first time, in fact, the Frecce Tricolori they chose to leave the maintenance hangar, the usual setting for the evening, to land in the splendid theater of the Friulian city.

The reasons are twofold: on the one hand, being able to enjoy the warmth of the public again, while respecting the regulations to contain the contagion from Covid-19; on the other hand, doing it symbolically in an emblematic place of entertainment and culture, heavily penalized by the pandemic.

The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia with its precious support has made this historic novelty possible.

The event, chaired by the commander of the Combat Forces and of the 1st Air Region, General of Air Division Francesco Dress, saw the participation of numerous civil and military authorities, including the vice president of the Regional Council, dr. Riccardo Riccardi, representing the president Massimiliano Fedriga; the commissioner prof. Elisabetta Marioni, representing the mayor of the Municipality of Udine, Pietro Fontanini; dr. Fabio Marchetti, mayor of the Municipality of Codroipo; and the commander of the 2nd wing of Rivolto, colonel Marco Bertoli.

In addition to the authorities, numerous guests were present in the audience, including family members and long-time friends of the Frecce Tricolori and representatives from the world of associations, the territory and the Frecce Tricolori Clubs, who once again showed their warm affection for PAN.

The evening, which was conducted by the presenter Barbara Pedrotti and is broadcast on a deferred basis social channels of the Air Force, saw as the protagonist on stage Lieutenant Colonel Stefano Vit, member of the formation since 2012, head of formation from 2019 to 2021 and, since last November 30th commander of the 313 ° Acrobatic Training Group.

Commander Vit, after retracing the most significant moments of the 2021 season, including the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori, then presented the ground team of the National Acrobatic Patrol, represented for the occasion by the non-commissioned officers and staff officers.

After introducing those who work behind the scenes, it is then time to present the 2022 Training of Frecce Tricolori. Confirmed the key positions of Pony 6, leader of the 2nd section, and of Pony 10, soloist, respectively assigned to the major Franco Paolo Marocco and to the major Massimiliano Salvatore.

Major Pierluigi Raspa makes his debut in the position of Pony 1 (training leader), thanks to his four years of experience as a wingman of the Frecce Tricolori.

New entry to Rivolto is the captain Leonardo Leo, of Campania origin and pilot of Euro Fighter coming from the 36th Fighter Wing of Gioia del Colle, base of the Air Defense. He will be assigned the position of Pony 9, 2nd rear of the formation.

The evening was the occasion for the delivery at Frecce Tricolori of two important awards: the "Chairman 2021" paid by European Airshow Council, awarded annually to display team o pilot display which most distinguished itself at a European level, and the "Gianni Borta 2020 Award", awarded by the National Olympic and Blue Athletes Association of Italy of which the Frecce Tricolori have been honorary members since 1995, for the now unforgettable "Abbraccio Tricolore ".

As usual, there was no lack of time dedicated to solidarity. The president of the 1st Club Frecce Tricolori of Pieve di Soligo, Remigio Villanova, and the president of 15th Club di Codroipo, Bruno di Lenardo, took the stage representing all the clubs to deliver the proceeds from the fundraising activity that every year fans of Frecce Tricolori they carry out for the less fortunate.

This year the association that received the funds is the ABC Burlo "Association of Surgical Children" which works in favor of the young patients of the Burlo Garofolo Hospital in Trieste. The “Orchestra per la vita” Association, active in the field of research on the rare pathology of epithelioid sarcoma, recipient of funds for 2022, was then presented.

In closing, the long-awaited moment of the presentation of the PAN 2022 Poster: Commander Vit, calling the 2022 Formation to him, presented the image that will accompany the Frecce Tricolori in the course of the new year, without forgetting the one just ended. In fact, the chosen shot portrays the MB339 PAN, flying over the Friuli Dolomites, with the celebratory liveries created for the 60th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori, depicting the historic acrobatic patrols that alternated before the establishment of the PAN on 1 March 1961.

This is the complete PAN 2022 Training:

Pony 0 - Lieutenant Colonel Stefano VIT (commander)
Pony 1 - major Pierluigi RASPA (training leader)
Pony 2 - captain Alessandro SOMMARIVA (1st left wingman)
Pony 3 - captain Simone FANFARILLO (1st right wingman)
Pony 4 - Captain Oscar DEL DO '(2nd wingman left)
Pony 5 - captain Alessio GHERSI (2nd right wingman)
Pony 6 - major Franco Paolo MOROCCO (1st rear)
Pony 7 - major Alfio MAZZOCCOLI (3rd left wingman)
Pony 8 - captain Federico DE CECCO (3rd right wingman)
Pony 9 - captain Leonardo LEO (2nd rear)
Pony 10 - major Massimiliano SALVATORE (soloist)

The 313 ° Acrobatic Training Group "Frecce Tricolori" of the Italian Air Force was born at the Rivolto airport on 1 March 1961. For 60 years, their mission has been to represent the values ​​and professionalism of all men and women within the Air Force , in Italy and abroad.

La National Acrobatic Patrol It is made up of about 100 people: officers, non-commissioned officers and troop personnel who carry out their work every day with passion and competence to make the spectacular aerobatic flight program possible. A synthesis of skills and experience that represents not only the Armed Forces but the whole country system.