Training for journalists in the Academy


As part of the 5 ° course on aerospace journalism inaugurated last 17 March, a deontology course organized by the Order of Journalists of Campania as part of the 2014 Training Plan was held at the Academy of Pozzuoli Theater of its members, staff and course goers.

The commander of the Aeronautical Academy, gen. SA Fernando Giancotti, welcomed the over one hundred professionals and publicists present and subsequently gave the floor to Lino Zaccaria, National Council of Journalists and Ottavio Lucarelli, President of the Campania Order of Journalists.

Due to the effect of art. 7 of the DPR 137 / 2012, from January 1 2014 even Italian journalists will have to fulfill the obligation of continuous professional training (FPC) to comply with the legislation that provides for the update for all members, professionals and publicists, to a professional Order such as one of the conditions to be able to maintain your registration with the Order itself. In fact, every member must earn 60 credits (CFP) over a three-year period (2014-2016), with a minimum of 15 annual credits, of which at least 15 on topics ethics.

Source: Aeronautical Academy - Pozzuoli (NA) - ten. Giulio Finotti