Florence: 32 students of the "Giulio Douhet" Military Aeronautical School have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic

(To air Force)

In the presence of the Minister of Defense, the Hon. Lorenzo Guerini, the 32 students of the 1st course of the "Giulio Douhet" Military Aeronautical School of Florence shouted "I swear!", Attesting their loyalty to the Italian Republic and to the institutions and pledging to honor the founding principles of the Air Force, such as the ideals of loyalty, courage and a sense of duty. 

The ceremony, presided over by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the air squad general Luca Goretti, took place in the presence of numerous civil, military and religious authorities of the Tuscan territory and in the presence of the commander of the Air Force Schools and the 3rd air region, the air squad general Silvano Frigerio. 

After thanking the intervening authorities, the commander of the School, Colonel Davide Rosellini invited the girls and boys of the course Taurus to experience this ceremony as "one of the dearest and most exciting moments of their lives, because in the precise moment in which their promise of loyalty to the Italian Republic is shouted to the sky, their skills and energies, but above all their honor, are made available to the country".

And it was precisely at the end of the intervention of the commander of the School, that the solemn act of the Oath of fidelity to the Republic took place, pronounced in front of the Flag of the Institute, and greeted by the overflight of a formation of aircraft composed of two Euro Fighter of the 4th flock of Grosseto (GR) and two Tornado coming from the 6th flock of Ghedi (BS).

The baptism of the course followed Taurus, in which the air brigadier general Luigi Casali, chief of staff of the schools command of the Air Force, took part as godfather of the course. This moment, during which the pennant is symbolically entrusted to the Corsican chief, represents an ideal handover between old and new generations of the Armed Force. 

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force (photo) then intervened and welcomed the girls and boys of the course to the Arma Azzurra Taurus and, addressing the students directly, he highlighted how the choice they made "It will require sacrifices, but it will be amply rewarded by the satisfactions you will reap, by the indissoluble bonds that you will forge and above all by the awareness that today you are laying the foundations to become protagonists of our beloved country".

"The beginning of an adventure that thanks to your passion and your commitment will become reality. In a few years we will be proud to pass the baton to you, certain to place it in the safe hands of very young citizens, able to make the best choices for our national community in full compliance with the founding values ​​of our Democracy ". With these words, Minister Guerini wanted to pay homage to the young students, recognizing them "the expression of the most precious qualities and values ​​embodied by our beloved country: ethics, the spirit of service, self-denial and respect for the rules. Characteristics that will distinguish you forever in the continuation of your careers."

Finally, Minister Guerini addressed a special thanks to the Air Force for all its activities carried out outside the national borders.

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