F-35: joint training during the "Lightning 2020" exercise

(To air Force)

On Monday, October 19, 2020 at the military airport of Rivolto (UD), home of the 2nd wing, with the landing of four F-35 aircraft, coming from the 32nd wing of Amendola (FG), the exercise began " Lightning 2020 ".

For two weeks, the aircraft of the XIII group operated from the Rivolto airport making several daily sorties to reach the “Polygone” electronic shooting range in Germany and to operate with the air defense systems available in the 2nd wing.

The entire exercise event represented an important training opportunity for all the articulations of the 2nd wing committed to guaranteeing full technical-logistical and operational support to the personnel of the 32nd wing's cell.
In particular, for the entire duration of the campaign, the missile group of the 2nd wing was engaged in the conduct of SBAD (Surface Based Air Defense) operations, simulating a realistic electronic warfare scenario that opposed the SIRIUS, i.e. the new missile system recently assigned to the Italian Air Force, to the F-35 aircraft, engaged in specific SEAD (Suppression Enemy Air Defenses) and DEAD (Destruction Enemy Air Defenses) missions.

The “Lightning 2020” exercise ended on Friday 30 October with the return of the F-35 aircraft to the Amendola air base (FG).

The 2nd wing is the entity identified by the Armed Force to perform the function of missile reference point for the national air defense system. The flock takes care of the training and operational readiness of men and means of the missile sector of the Air Force. This mission takes the form of continuous training aimed at maintaining the operational readiness required by the Armed Force and by the transnational organizations of which the country is part. The flock also ensures the regular performance of airport services and the maintenance of infrastructures and systems, also in favor of the 313rd "Frecce Tricolori" Acrobatic Training Group operating on the basis and anything else necessary for the transit of other aircraft, competing also, in compliance with the directives issued by superior authorities, to the Air Defense service.