Defense, Igea operation: Drive-Through Aeronautica Militare stations in Brianza are underway

(To air Force)

The first three Drive Through stations set up by the Air Force as part of the "Operation IGEA", strongly desired by the Ministry of Defense to increase, through specialized health personnel of all the Armed Forces, have been operational since yesterday at Lecco, Meda and Caponago the daily capacity of the National Health Service to carry out swabs for the search for SARS-COV-2 throughout the national territory. Ten other stations will soon be operational in Linate, at the Presidio Sports Logistics Center of the 1st Air Region of Milan, and in the urban centers of Vigevano, Pavia and Voghera.

All the field structures supporting the aforementioned rapid test stations were prepared in a very short time, on the recommendation of the Interforze Summit Operational Command, by personnel of the 3rd wing of Villafranca, the projection logistic department of the Italian Air Force, which can be quickly used for operational and logistical support to the forces deployed both in the national territory and outside the national borders, and in support to emergencies in the national field .

At the moment there are over fifty specialized health units of the Armed Force - including doctors, nurses and support staff - sent to these areas in support of the emergency, which will work in coordination with the regional and local health authorities, many of which are enrolled through the competition. extraordinary banished in the summer to deal with the Covid-19 emergency.

Such stations Drive Through Defense (DTD) will allow all citizens who need to carry out the quick swab to access the stations directly by car, and then be directed to other dedicated stations for the molecular swab should it be necessary.