Covid-19, India Emergency: medical equipment from Italy with Air Force flight

(To air Force)

A C-130J aircraft of the 46 ^ Air Force Air Brigade took off around 17 today from Turin Caselle, bound for New Delhi, India, carrying a load of about 12 tons of respiratory assistance equipment and other support equipment and medical material destined for the country brought to its knees by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The flight is part of the competition activities implemented by the Ministry of Defense in support of the Civil Protection for the fight against the pandemic, commissioned by the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, ordered by the Chief of Defense gen. Enzo Vecciarelli and directed by Interforze Summit Operational Command.

Thanks to the support of a specialized team of the 3rd wing of Verona Villafranca, an oxygen production system made available by the Piedmont Region was also loaded on board the aircraft which can be used to supply a traditional or field hospital.

On the same flight there is also a team made up of group personnel Maxemergency 118 of the Piedmont Region, a doctor from the Lombardy Region and a representative of the Ministry of Health.