Italy-Belgium cooperation: a delegation of the Belgian Air Force at the 70th wing

(To Greater Defense)

​Yesterday at the 70th wing of the Air Force in Latina, the activity of a Belgian delegation made up of about 50 people including flight instructors, students, maintenance workers and technicians of the 5th squadron of the Belgian Air Force based in Beauvechain. The delegation also had 5 SF-260M aircraft in tow.

The commander of the 70th wing Colonel Giuseppe Bellomo presented the department describing its mission, illustrating the institute tasks, the organizational structure, the training activities and training programs of the Pontine flight school, which for over half a century has represented the first mandatory stage in the professional training of the future military pilot: "The redeployment represented a precious opportunity for interaction and integration from a multinational perspective, in a period of great development for the 70th wing and in which the Armed Forces are increasingly called upon to be a fundamental resource for the country system, constantly committed to contribute with all the energies available to provide concrete answers and support to the community every day", highlighted the commander.

During the stay at the "Enrico Comani" military airport, training missions were carried out with students, flights with a mixed crew between instructors from Italy and Belgium for a fruitful exchange of techniques, flight procedures, experiences and best practices.

The Belgian delegation and the staff of the 70th wing were greeted by Colonel Taffeiren Dirk, military attaché at the Belgian embassy in Rome, who wanted to underline the importance of international cooperation and in particular that between Italy and Belgium, as well as the opportunity that arises from these moments of meeting for the sharing of flight training courses and experiences, in an increasingly complex strategic context, with persistent threats and characterized by a mix of crises and an increasingly unstable international and security order , to counter which collaboration between friendly countries is increasingly a necessity.