Concluded the Spartan Warrior 21-09

(To air Force)

A delegation made up of staff from the Air Force Command (CSA), coming from the 16th wing of Martina Franca, from the 32nd wing of Amendola (Foggia) and from the It-AWC (Air Warfare Center) of the Aerospace Operations Command (COA), took part in the Exercise Spartan warrior 21-09 (SW 21-09).

SW 21-09, organized by USAFE / AFRICA Warrior Center (UAWC), was held in Einsiedlerhof-Ramstein, Germany, from 20 to 30 September last. This is the main recurring (quarterly) training event of the MTDS (Mission Training through Distributed Simulation) type based on a "virtual" environment that connects simulated and real assets of the coalition. The "series" Spartan warrior it has as its operational scenario the European "theater" and sees the participation of NATO nations and partners, engaged in the so-called MCO (Major Combat Operations), that is complex and large-scale operations.

In particular, the CSA personnel provided various operational profiles: from the 16th wing, 2 teams of Air Riflemen with JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) capabilities, a crew of an MQ-9 aircraft from the 28th gv of the 32nd wing , as well as elements of the Modeling & Simulation Office of the COA.

They are all "pieces" of an extremely complex and interconnected international exercise machine.

For example, through the modern MQ-9 emulator, the Italian crew participated in SCAR (Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance), CAS (Close Air Support) and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions together with USAF crews. in the planning and execution phases.

As for the Air Rifle teams from Martina Franca, the operators used the "JTAC DOME", a futuristic 270 ° simulator that very realistically reproduces the operational scenario.

In particular, in the parallel "SPARTAN BIGFOOT" Exercise, with real events at the Baumholder shooting range, the Italian JTACs operated with aircraft from the USA, France and Belgium engaged in CAS missions.

Recognition of the professionalism and skills of the participating Italian staff was also received by the Exercise Management (DIREX), which underlined the contribution of all allies in the planning and execution phases.

The participation of the Air Force in this type of exercises in a synthetic environment LVC (Live Virtual Constructive) is particularly qualifying, as the UAWC offers training events (operational and tactical) aimed at integrating the operational level C2 (Command and Control) fully networked, integrating generation IV and V fighters, advanced missile defense systems, advanced attack systems and the most advanced ISR and UAS technologies.