Change of command to the 46th Air Brigade

(To air Force)

On Friday 2 September 2022 the handover ceremony in command of the 46th air brigade took place between the air division general Alessandro De Lorenzo, outgoing commander, and colonel Giuseppe Addesa, taking over. The event, chaired by the commander of the forces for mobility and support, general of the air division Enrico Degni, took place in front of the War Flag of the department and in the presence of the civil and military authorities of the Pisan territory.

The gen. De Lorenzo, who leaves the 46th air brigade after two years of command and who will see him hold the position of commander of the air division of aeronautical and space experimentation and of the Pratica di Mare Airport, he wanted to thank, in his farewell speech, the civil and military authorities for the constant and effective collaboration over a two-year period characterized by historical events that have had and continue to have effects on a global scale . Then addressing the department staff: "here closes another chapter of my aeronautical life, without a doubt the most demanding, but at the same time the most rewarding professionally and personally. The great team spirit and passion, dedication, professionalism and humanity with you face all aspects of your job is exceptional, and seeing the exceptional become routine is something that makes a commander proud and proud ".

The col. Addesa, in his first speech as commander of the 46th air brigade, thanking for the trust placed in him, underlined how important the "human factor" is with particular attention to interpersonal relationships: "In a world of unstoppable technological progress, it is good to remember that the human being and team spirit are the key elements for achieving the most relevant goals."

The gen. Worthy, in underlining the numerous and important goals achieved by the 46th in the last two years, addressed the staff of the brigade: "Alessandro, in these two years, in an exceptional historical period characterized first by the pandemic and then by the international crisis, you have been able to interpret the role of commander in an exemplary way, giving proof of high professionalism and authority. In a non-optimal context, which has made it more difficult to achieve the objectives, you have highlighted your leadership skills and your ability to adapt to ensure continuous operation and functionality of the department. Brilliant results were certainly achieved, but I would like to add to these also the more silent and constant liaison activity in favor of the operational theaters and on the national territory, essential to ensure the logistical support necessary for the military instrument and the training activity necessary to maintain the multiple capabilities of the brigade ". He wished the incoming commander a peaceful and fruitful work: "My heartfelt wishes for every luck go to Col. Addesa. I am sure that with your qualities and skills you will be able to give further impetus to the brigade. the maximum support to allow you to work peacefully, in a period that promises to be challenging. Good work from the heart! ".

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