Change at the top, new guide for the general office of the AM administrative responsibility center

(To air Force)

The handover between the air division general Silvano Frigerio and the air team general Roberto Comelli took place today at the Sala Madonna di Loreto in Palazzo Aeronautica.general office of the administrative responsibility center of the Air Force (UGCRA), in the presence of the chief of staff, general of the air team Alberto Rosso.

A sober and essential event, in compliance with the restrictions imposed to counter the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, during which General Frigerio, in expressing deep gratitude towards all the collaborators, briefly retraced the work done in the last year as head of UGCRA. "At one time marked by significant changes in the planning and financial expenditure sector. In particular, the Financial Year 2019 - he stressed - it was characterized by the closure of the single special accounting and the contextual tracing of the same to the ordinary accounting regime. This situation necessitated a delicate harmonization of the new procedures and was characterized by a continuous exchange of information and coordination with the various departments, commands and offices involved. I believe that together we worked in perfect synergy and union of intent for the achievement of the objectives approved by the chief of staff, aimed at the operation of the Air Instrument and the functionality of the entire Armed Force ".

Addressing the incoming office manager, General Frigerio expressed his opinion "Most sincere wish for a profitable job, prodigal of professional and personal satisfaction. Thanks to your experience, great seriousness and balance I am sure that you will involve all the staff with passion and leadership".

Afterwards, the new head of UGCRA took the floor and, after thanking those present and, in particular, the chief of staff for the trust placed in him for the new assignment, immediately said he was aware of the breadth and scope of the tasks and responsibilities that lie ahead. "I am convinced - underlined the gen. Comelli - that, despite a thousand difficulties and despite having to deal with budget restrictions, in order to be successful, our action must be carried out by treating the most important and precious resource with due respect and with the utmost care: the human one. With teamwork, working in a team and expressing ourselves together, we will be able to achieve great results, well aware of the essential function we carry out and the open collaboration that we must always ensure ".

The Chief of Staff then took the floor and thanked General Frigerio for the excellent work he did during his command. "UGCRA found itself facing a difficult year, full of changes and new procedures, a year in which the need for a very close collaboration with all the Armed Forces Bodies to bring to fulfillment was more evident than ever which is the primary commitment of a strategic activity for the Armed Force: the management of financial resources, the procurement activity and the optimization of spending. Each of us and, in particular, each of you, had to confront with the difficulties inherent in active administration without ever slowing down the activities. Each of you, at your own level, holds a piece of responsibility. I cannot therefore renew a thank you for your action of command Silvano and for the commitment that each of you fielded ".

Finally, in addressing his personal wishes to General Comelli for the new assignment, General Rosso concluded as follows: "A difficult task awaits you Roberto, but I am sure you will be able to complete it with the determination and professionalism that distinguish you. In your speech you spoke of an element that is very dear to me: teamwork. you can work if you don't work as a team with all the bodies involved. Even what awaits us will not be an easy year, in the constant need to make the Armed Force work better, always guaranteeing all its institutional tasks. Ethics, fairness, transparency in the evaluation and good deed they cannot and must never be missing! I know you will do a great job and, as it was for Silvano, you will have all my support ".

The U.GC.RA - AM is directly reporting to the Air Force Chief of Staff. The organization of the Office, in accordance with the provisions for the similar divisions activated at the other Armed Forces, enhances, in particular, the function of main contracting station of the AM with competence on the procedures with the greatest economic impact and concerning supplies and services of operational interest, maintaining the "cash" functions of the AM and controlling the administrative management of the Entities, through the management direction AOS.