Change at the top of the Aeronautical Health Corps

(To air Force)

On Thursday 18 February, the alternation in the position of head of the Aeronautical Health Corps took place between the outgoing general inspector Domenico Abbenante and the incoming Brigadier General Giuseppe Ciniglio Appiani.

At the end of a long career in the Air Force, after over forty-six years of honorable service, Inspector General Domenico Abbenante, head of the Aeronautical Health Corps, left active service due to age limits.

For the occasion, General Abbenante was received by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Air Squad General Alberto Rosso, an opportunity to share moments, memories, considerations and feelings at the end of a long and prestigious career.

There was also a moment of reflection on the serious pandemic health crisis due to Covid-19. Specifically, gen. Rosso underlined how the self-denial, sacrifice and altruism that the aeronautical health personnel are putting in place help to restore the image of a cohesive, organized and effective armed force to the country.

To the new head of the Sanitary Corps, General Ciniglio Appiani, the wish to lead and face the present and future challenges with the effectiveness and professionalism that have always distinguished him, so as to be able to reach increasingly ambitious goals.