Change at the top of the 70th flock

(To 70 ° flock)

On Thursday 30 June, at 09.00, at the hangar of the "Enrico Comani" military airport in Latina Scalo, the ceremony for the changeover in command of the 70th "Giulio Cesare Graziani" squadron was held, between the pilot colonel Michele Grassi commander outgoing and pilot colonel Giuseppe Bellomo incoming commander.

The event took place in the presence of the commander of the Air Force Schools and 3rd Air Region of Bari, air squad general Silvano Frigerio and saw the participation of the most important local military, civil and religious authorities, representatives of the Labari and of the Combat and Weapon Associations.

During his farewell speech, Colonel Grassi wished to thank the civil and military authorities who intervened for the constant support and active collaboration always shown during a command period characterized by the persistence of the delicate COVID-19 emergency situation. Then addressing the entire staff of the 70th flock and the patrons lined up, he wanted to point out how "The remarkable results achieved despite the lockdown are the result of the self-denial and exceptional spirit of service of the entire staff of the 70th flock who, in compliance with the containment measures imposed, made it possible to deliver the courses without any delay, guaranteeing the almost total absence of contagions in the workplace and ensuring efficiency and results although in a constantly changing reality. You have honored our motto 'pro omnibus unus', that is, one for all and, I add, all for one, teamwork and the results are witnesses of this. " And addressing Colonel Bellomo “The flock saw the desired enhancement activity. The new canteen, the new lodgings, the new flying group are just the beginning of the rebirth of the Flight School on the Latina site. To you, Giuseppe, I wish the strength and flexibility to favor and operate the change and strengthening of the flight school in Latina. A period full of challenges awaits you, but full of satisfactions where in every problem, I'm sure, you will be able to find an opportunity ".

Colonel Bellomo said he was extremely proud of the assignment assigned to him and thanked the superior authorities for having designated him in the prestigious position of commander of the 70th Wing, "Flight school that plays an irreplaceable and strategic role in the selection and training process of the Air Force pilots, representing in fact an invaluable asset for the country, made up, above all, of human resources and professional skills, solid values ​​and unique traditions consolidated over time " and addressing the staff of the flock, his "Team" wanted to emphasize how "Only with a synergic and coordinated action will we be able to continue to carry out our mission by ensuring to Italy and to the Allied countries and friends, pilots of the highest quality level who combine excellent professional qualities with a deep motivation, in compliance with those values ​​such as loyalty , the honor and spirit of service on which the very essence of the Air Force and the Armed Forces is founded ".

Finally, the commander of the Air Force Schools and 3rd Air Region took the floor, who wanted to greet the agreed authorities, the Labari and the Combat and Weapon Associations that "With their incessant work they help to keep alive the links with the past and the strong heritage of values ​​that has always distinguished our actions". In thanking Colonel Grassi for the excellent work done and in wishing Colonel Bellomo the best fortunes for his period of command, General Frigerio wanted to highlight how "The 70th wing has become a reference point in flight training not only in the national field, but also in the international one, testifying to the quality and validity of the training offer, the competence and professionalism of the staff, starting with flight instructors ". He then went on to state that “The future offers us increasingly complex and constantly evolving scenarios, unpredictable challenges to which we must respond; this requires continuous improvement, also in the field of flight training. To you Giuseppe, the task of completing, with your team, what Michele started, making use of all the expertise, professionalism and above all the humility that distinguish you ".

The 70 ° stormo, a flight school of the Italian Air Force based at the "Enrico Comani" Military Airport of Latina, is placed under the command schools of the Air Force and 3rd air region based in Bari and for over sixty years it has performed the institutional tasks of selecting and training future military pilots of the Air Force, of the other Armed Forces and armed bodies of the State and cadets of other Nations.

The Pontine Flight School has issued, to date, over 15.000 piloting patents, making a total of over 500.000 flight hours, carried out on the aircraft: Douglas C-47 Dakota, Beechcraft C45, Piaggio P.166M, Piaggio P.148, SIAI Marchetti SF260AM, Cessna L.19, Dornier 228, Piaggio P.68, Piaggio P.166 DL3, Leonardo SF260EA, SIAI Marchetti S.208M, Piaggio P.166 DP1 and Tecnam P-2006T.