Dar El Zakat Association (DEZ): arrived in Misurata, with an AM plane, the medicines destined for Libyan hospitals

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On May 7, 2020, three tons of medicines destined for Libyan hospitals collected by the Dar El Zakat Association (DEZ) arrived in Misurata (Libya), with an Air Force transport aircraft from Pisa.

The collection of medicines that began three months ago - before the emergency of COVID-19 spread - was made possible thanks to donations from individuals; the contribution of the Onlus Medicinal Missionary Center of Florence, thanks to the collection on Florence, the Metropolitan Area, Siena, Prato and Perugia; in particular, the IBI - Istituto Biochimico Italiano Giovanni Lorenzini and Banco Farmaceutico are thanked for the substantial donations of drugs; the organization of the day for the collection of Medicines donation at the Minucci Pharmacy in Pisa; in addition to holding dedicated charity events, and in this regard we thank the La Pétite pastry shop in Pisa; to support the Pisan Littoral Public Assistance and the Italian Red Cross committee of Pisa.

Transport was provided by an aircraft made available by the Ministry of Defense through the precious collaboration of the Joint Force Summit Command as part of the planned transfers of materials to Libya.

The material (drugs and medical devices) was delivered to the Misurata Medical Center by the Italian Military Hospital of the Mission of Assistance and Support in Libya "(MIASIT).

"The donation of this material is only a small gesture of sincere solidarity towards the Libyan people severely tested by the war during these years and also for the many desperate refugees who flock to the country in search of a way for a better future ..." - The president of the Onlus Missionary Center of Florence, Massimo Ghiribelli.

The DEZ Association, after giving its availability to participate in the collection of medical medical material, PPE and detergents in the first period of the Covid-19 emergency for the Civil Protection of Codogno, has also activated a campaign for the collection of funds for Italian families in difficulty due to the pandemic.